Busy, and Too Much Sleeping

I haven't posted in a while because with the exception of Monday, I had an interview everyday last week. Interviews, even when you know they are going to go well, are exhausting. So I'd end up falling asleep afterward, and dragging my groggy self to evening training. Here's my interview run down:

Gold's Gym

I've always put Gold's a step above Bally's and 24 Hour Fitness, simply because of their association with The Governator. A gym chain that support the bodybuilding lifestyle, even if it since dissociated with The Arnold, still will retain that sense of hard work = results.

This interview went great. The head of the PT department that interviewed me and ran me through the training practical really knew his shit. I could learn a lot from him. On top of that, he was energetic and a little goofy, which I am too and love to find kindred spirits in such a way. They offered me a job on the spot, but I had other interviews to take and CSCS scores to wait for.

World's Gym

They weren't even advertising for an opening, but when I saw they had platforms (plural!) and CrossFit classes, I had to send an inquiry. Luckily, they got back to me pretty quick. They have a three interview process, and after the first one I was unsure about the "on ramp" to becoming a full time trainer. But at the second interview, it was further explained to me what they do to help a new hire get on their feet.

After meeting the owner, I definitely had a change of heart. He gets so excited about working out, about the training program he's putting together, and about his gym and the program they offer, you can't help but be affected by the enthusiasm. If I were to pick a gym to work at based on where I would take my own membership, this would be the place.

Did I mention they have three shiny new platforms?

Crunch Fitness

They also have a tiered interview process. An initial face to face, a practical, then, and this threw me, another at the location they would most likely put you. All through the first two, I was thinking this was the location and these were the people I would be working with, and since I'm evaluating them as well as they are evaluating me, hearing that they'd put me elsewhere gave me a double take. Out the window goes my evaluation.

Apparently they'd want to put me at a location where they have lifting platforms, kettlebells, and the like based on my training style and certification background. While I'm sure that the location is more inline with how I'd want to train people, I feel a bit disjointed having gone through two interviews and still not actually knowing what the working conditions, place and personalities, I'd be in.

My Own Training

I have about three weeks until nationals, and my shoulders are acting up more than normal. I thought that perhaps I could do something about that and followed some things on Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD website. Only maybe I did something wrong, did the wrong exercises, or things are supposed to be weird afterward. Either way, now both of my shoulders are creaky, and the bad one even worse than before.