Paleo Firestorm!

First, I fixed the commenting so that it's easier to leave a comment. Thanks, Jenny, for alerting me to that!

It seems that my last post on Paleo set off quite a debate between two fellow athletes, both of whom are excellent judokas, weightlifters, and all around athletes. Both have done their reading, studying, and discussing with a multitude of people. Both are adamantly defensive of their position on nutrition.

Nutrition and training for athletes can raise the passions of people the way discussions of religion and politics can. You can find research to support pretty much anything you believe in (unless your belief is a diet of table sugar, Crisco, and and a multivitamin). And as with religion and politics, we often read and discuss our views with like minded people. Birds of a feather and what not.

As an athlete, I know what kind of diet has worked very well for me. It's not strictly Paleo, I call it Paleo-ish. I feel like Paleo is a good starting point for most people, and depending on your individual chemistry and sport, you tweak it as needed. Athletes are usually pretty in tune with their body's reaction to food and supplements.

So I want to know, how do other people tweak their diet for optimal performance? What resources do you use to keep up to date on the latest research?