Favorite Blog for Weight Training Women

Frist, some good news: I finally got my PASSING scores from my CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) exam!

I have to admit, I was really nervous about this. I basically crammed 18 text book chapters of coaching, fitness and conditioning information into my brain in about two weeks. It took me about a month to get through the first 4 chapters when I was trying to study while at my last job.

When I took the practice test I only passed by a narrow margin. And since I didn't show particular weakness in any one area, and I didn't have time to re-study everything, I had to just go into the test nervous. But that's all over with and all worth it!

Onto Today's Topic


I discovered this blog when I was in graduate a school, before I was introduced to CrossFit. It was a godsend to me, the articles perfectly spelled out how I felt about weight training as a woman and put a humorous spin on some of the things I ran into at the gym (trainers telling me "you shouldn't train that hard" or men telling me I'll never find a boyfriend with muscles like that).

I've sort of re-discovered it in the past couple weeks as I peruse fitness blogs in my post cramming haze. I recently covered the Planet Fitness ad that makes fun of "lunk heads" and doesn't allow grunting in the gym. I came across Krista's take on the ad, and it reminded me why I love this website:

Do you lift things up and put them down?

I encourage you to read that post, check out the linked videos, and peruse some of her other blog entries.