The Cholesterol Debate Forges On

Here is a good primer on why dietary cholesterol isn't a problem, so stop worrying about egg yolks and animal fats:

Mark's Daily Apple: Definitive Guide to Cholesterol

Notice the repeated references to high carbohydrate diets being the source of high small, dense LDL (the BAD cholesterol) levels in the blood. And notice how it's not cholesterol being the immediate cause of artery plaques, but chronic inflammation? (Are you taking your daily fish oil yet?)

Just doing a search for "cholesterol" on this website will bring up a host of wonderful articles on the topic. I encourage everyone to do their research on this, because "Conventional Wisdom" is what got our society to this point of rampant obesity and heart disease, not to mention a host of other diseases of civilization.

Main point is, if you cut your calories down from animal fats, you're going to have to replace them with something. You can't go 80% protein and 20% carbohydrates, that induces a lovely syndrome known as "rabbit starvation" that puts IBS to shame. And really, when it's fat vs. carbs, fat is actually the least of the two "evils".