Going "Primal"

ManFriend and I are going Paleo. Blunt force Paleo. Well, I should say HE is going Paleo, and I'm keeping in milk (no other dairy). I'm keeping in milk because even when I go 80-90% Paleo, I lose weight too fast and it affects my training. Here is what I'm experiencing so far:

Day one was fine. I wanted a cookie only because I knew I wasn't supposed to eat them anymore. I don't even really like cookies that much.

Day two is today. So I had my normal breakfast of eggs and bacon at 5:30am before heading out to SFCF. Then around 11pm I was pretty hungry and ate again. I two small bowls of meat and spaghetti squash. Then two fist fulls of nuts. I'm full. And yet, I kind of have the hungry shakes…

I used to get the hungry shakes concurrent with stomach growls. That meant "time to eat" and that usually meant some sort of carb-y thing. Since I don't usually let myself get to the hunger shakes level, when I did I tend to eat the first thing I see. But now I have the hunger shakes with no hunger. I'm calling it my first symptom of sugar withdrawal.

I also left my phone at United Barbell and then locked myself out of my apartment. I'd like to chalk that up to sugar withdrawal as well, brain learning to work off ketones, but really, I'm just like that.

I'll document other things changing as I notice them. I'd like to think things will stay relatively the same. What I'm hoping to get out of this is to shed some excess body fat, help retain muscle, sleep better (I'm awful), and recover better from intense training. More to come!