Paleo Diet Update

Synopsis: When I started the paleo diet, I was just over 76kg. After a week, I was down to just under 73kg. I added back in Muscle Milk and creatine, and now I'm back up to 75kg on the dot today. Tempted to stop the creatine to see if water weight gets shed off.

In Other News

I attended the Wellness FX seminar at United Barbell this past Saturday. One of the presenters during the seminar wrote a phrase on the white board: "Every minute is training your body."

He emphasized that every choice we make trains our body and changes our internal system in some way or another. The choice to sit straight or slouch trains the muscles in our back, the choice of what food to eat and how to train.

I kind of wish he expounded on this further. His company is most interested in the markers of training and nutrition, but that phrase can mean so many things. I'm reading a book called Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength". (This is NOT a self-help book.) In the book, it's discussed how little decisions can strengthen willpower. People who practice the mundane, sit up straight, use "yes" rather than "yeah", etc, are able to show greater self control in other areas of life. I thought this mantra of thinking of every minute as training fell in nicely with the theme of the book.

I also came across this blog post with the preamble "Everything is Practice". This site, called Zen Habits, is a little more new age in feel, but that sort of consciousness is worth trying to attain. It can help in your nutrition and fitness to no suddenly end up at the end of a meal or workout and wonder, "Wait, what just happened?"

So here's to constant and consistent training along side thoughtfulness of actions and being.