Primal Week One

One week down and I allowed myself only one cheat: when ManFriend and I had dinner before the Edwardian Ball, we each allowed ourselves three pieces of sushi with RICE! But it was one meal, with friends, and it was at Kabuto Sushi. This sushi joint has quickly become a favorite place of mine. The creativity and tasti-ness of their concoctions are unparalleled. Sushi with fois gras, uni, and chocolate? So good! Hamachi, apple, and hot mustard? OMG yes!

Anyway. Primal, that's what this is about.

ManFriend is looking to be primarily ketogenic, therefore, many of my meals end up being ketogenic friendly by association. I have my milk, and I still eat fruit, but at any rate, I went from a pre-Primal weight of 76 (and change) kg to a weight of 73.4 kg. Interesting, I don't drop that much weight that fast when I'm cutting for a competition, it's about 6.6 lbs.

Now, granted, without the carbs, I'm not retaining water like I'm sure I used to, so probably ~2 lbs of this is just water weight. Plus, any time your restrict a food group, you tend to just overall eat less because you haven't psychologically adjusted to a food rhythm. That said, I never went hungry at any point. And I wasn't particularly active due to various reasons.

ManFriend is looking into getting an impedance scale to measure body fat, muscle density, and water weight. These usually don't work as well on athletes because they use algorithms with average composition assumptions. Would it at least give me some numbers, however wrong they may be, to watch how things change over time with this?

More updates to come.