Another Personal Paleo Update

When I started eating paleo, I was about 76 kg. After about a week, I was down to 72.8 kg. Then I bounced right back up to about 75.5 kg. What gives? Turns out, about the time the weight turned around, I had started drinking lots of coconut water. The cans that we buy for home have close to 40 g of sugar in them, and I had at least one a day, occasionally two.

Yes, coconut water is Paleo. But the whole point of going ketogenic is lost if I'm drinking my calories in sugar form. My goal is to be lean and strong. Plus, I really like not getting hungry and cranky if I'm too busy running around to eat on a every 3 hours schedule. I was starting to get the hungry feelings again, so away goes the coconut water. I'm only allowing myself one when I swing by Zynga, since they have it stocked around the building and I only go there twice a week.

Blood Draw!

Yesterday, ManFriend and I had our blood drawn for WellnessFX testing. If you check out the packages, we're doing the Tracking one, where they check for 50 different markers of health and nutritional situation. It will take about 7-10 days to get the results, and I can't wait to find out.