It's a Different Experience

All is quiet at SFCF, a rare sight. 

I've been shadowing some of the coaches at San Francisco CrossFit to get an idea of how they run their on ramp programs and classes. Starting sometime in March, I'll be running beginner one-on-ones and basics classes, as well as being put on the sub-list for the large classes. Each "box" runs their program in a slightly different way. Of all the boxes I've been to, I think SFCF, UB, and Catalyst Athletics have some of the most solid programs.

And that's not because I work there, I don't work at Catalyst. That is why I chose to work at two of these places. :)

Playing with camera settings, you can see a squat rack, dip bars, and kind of make out the monkey bars on the right. 

I'm excited about getting ramped up at these locations to be teaching class on-ramps. There are so many great and knowledgable trainers at each gym that I'm really going to have the opportunity to learn a lot. Plus, with each gym having their own set of specialties and atmospheres, I'll get to interact with many different types of athletes and hopefully get to express my own specialties, mainly being the Olympic lifts. 

What I didn't think to take a picture of is the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, easily visible from just outside the area's gate. With the winter being as mild as it is, and the fog not descending in the morning, it's actually a rather idyllic place to get a good workout in!