Trying New Things: Pole Dancing

Trying new things, whether it's an activity or skill, is a great way to make your life feel more fulfilled. Lots of sources impound upon the importance of pushing our comfort zones and expanding our horizons.

- Eleanor Roosevelt saying, "Do one thing every day that scares you."
- CrossFit's mantra of "Learn and play new sports."
- A TIME Health and Happiness to do list.
- The Happiness Project talks about creating an atmosphere of growth.

So I'm starting a new series of blogs I'll post on occasion that follow me as I try new things. On the heels of realizing that I'm not happy as a athletic specialist, I'm going to start putting myself out there and attempt to find another hobby or three that I can immerse myself into.

Pole Dancing

I've now taken classes for about a month at Studio Botan which is located on the border between the Financial District and North Beach. It's actually a relatively short stroll to the bar where I once hosted speed dating events. Too bad I don't do that anymore, talk about some stories to tell!


Anyway, you can kind of see the awesome bruises on my inner thighs, and you can hear the squeak as my skin doesn't want to slide along the pole going down. In some ways, being strong with a dance background, I'm made for pole. But in other ways, my legs being WAY heavier and stronger and I barely  have to use them, I'm very much not built for pole.

Here is a video of ManFriend and I doing a double's chair spin on a spinning pole: