Trying New Things: Powerlifting

I'm a strength athlete, there is no getting around that. Even as a judo player, my game was based a lot around my speed and strength. And I loved newaza (ground work/ wrestling) because I could basically man handle other women.

So maybe this powerlifting meet, despite being my first, isn't the best entry to my "Try New Things" series. But regardless, trying new things doesn't always have to be about completely leaving your comfort zone.

Here are my lift videos:

Squat: 130 kg (286 lb)
Bench: 65 kg (143lb)
Deadlift: 170 kg (374 lb)
Total: 365 kg (803 lb)

I found out later over dinner that my total is 50 lb away from qualifying as an "elite" powerlifter in this federation. Which means I HAVE to do a second meet and train for it. What does elite status give me? I have no idea, but dammit, I'm gonna get it.

I'll never BE a powerlifter, but I'll continue to dabble. It's fun in the completely opposite way that an Olympic lifting meet is fun. Oly meets are high strung, mental, and over fast. So your adrenaline super-duper peaks and subsides. The lifts are so technical that making a new meet PR is absolutely elating. Powerlift meets are chill and friendly. You do your shit, you make the lift or you don't. Very little room for technique errors being called on. So it all depends on what kind of fun you want.