Beware Fitness Magazines

I used to follow Muscle&Fitness Hers and Oxygen religiously when I was in college. Looking through now I can see why I might have looked great, but had terrible form when I made the transition over to CrossFit.

So the other day while waiting for a prescription at Walgreens (allergies, yo!) I picked one up and thought I'd just see what the current state of fitness was outside of CrossFit and competition training. I first come across this lovely advice column:

Wow. I guess Monique hasn't kept up on her studies since getting all those letters behind her name. There is a reason coconut oil has become all the rage lately, those medium chain tryglycerides are an excellent source of energy anytime of day. There is a reason that The Bulletproof Executive suggests putting grassfed butter and coconut oil into a pre-workout coffee. Energy, fools! And an excellent source of fat soluble vitamins.

Then my eyes were assaulted with this lady:

Let's all arch our back and get on our toes to pick up weights. I think that's a great message to send out to the masses of people who sit down most of the day and give themselves knee and back problems before they even step into a gym.

Throughout the entire magazine, you see lots of people "squatting", but no one really squatting:
The glare blocks out the above parallel squat, thankfully. 
I won't be buying another one of these again, that's for sure. I'll stick with my NSCA journals and reliable lifting bloggers.