Phenomenon: Clumsy Athletes

This is something I've noticed as a general trend. Dancers, judokas, capoeiristas, weightlifters, the skills in these sports and arts require a lot of agility and coordination. You would think these types of athletes would also have great coordination off the field, mat, or platform.

Not so much.

Maybe only because it stands out more, but it is also hilarious, and at this point not surprising, to see someone who identify as a dancer run into a wall with his or her shoulder. Or a judo player trip on something after stepping off the mat.

My layman and rather silly theory for this is that because they use up all their awareness in their heightened state of being while dancing, competing, or training, they just go totally slack in their attentiveness for the rest of the time.

Hell, often times after a trapeze class where I feel particularly awesome about what I did, I'll go to the bathroom stalls and totally run into the door frames. I know this seems to happen more to me within the hour or couple of hours after a training session that requires coordination, agility, and focus.

Anyone else notice this?