Review of CrossFit|Reebok Attire

When CrossFit and Reebok got into bed together, there was quite a ruckus. Some said that CrossFit had sold out, but no one could really say what that means. Some said it was the demise of the brand. Blah blah blah. I said, well, if it gets more people practicing CrossFit, if it helps usher in a greater population to physical culture, then awesome. So long as they don't mess with the affiliates.

Reebok, however, isn't always associated with the utmost in athleticism. They tried to partner with some strange fitness movements:

But then they also has some wins in my opinion:

<Terrible Terry Tate: Office Linebacker>

So I was more "wait and see"… until they came out with this: The Reebok ReeZig, aka, the Clown Shoe.

Seriously. When 80% of CrossFitters are wearing minimalist shoes like Inov-8s and New Balance, they put on the market the bulkiest thing they could think up. I made fun of it.

Then they came out with this:

And frankly, it was too similar to the ReeZig in style to keep me from outrightly dismissing it. Plus, with it's soft forefoot and flimsy feeling upper, no serious weightlifter would ever wear these.

So I was ready to just dismiss this partnership as more misguidedness on Reebok's part. But then San Francisco CrossFit got sponsored. I still shrugged, I have lots of Adidas, Nike, and UnderArmor that is great. Then they started sending us stuff, and my mind was changed. Starting with these shoes:

And you know what? I love them. Seriously. I wear them over my Nike Free shoes almost every time. They are little to no drop, wide toe box, and I'm on my feet for most of the day and still feel great afterwards.

Which made me think more about the weightlifting shoe. You know, I was analyzing them from the point of a competitive weightlifter, not someone who does 15 overhead squats, then has to run a quarter mile. No one is going to do box jumps or serious sprints in a pair of AdiPowers, they're too heavy and stiff. So I officially reversed my opinion on the Reebok weightlifting shoe, it's the crossover between cardio and lifting, and I've actually recommended them to people at both boxes.

We also received drawstring bags, which I tend to routine destroy with my harsh ways. And this one is SOLID. I use it a LOT. I also have a men's shirt and a women's shirt. Obviously, the women's shirt fits better. In fact, it fits wonderfully. It's form fitting, not restrictive, seaming that is flattering but doesn't rub anywhere. I love it.

I ordered a pair of pants, a fleece jacket, and a tank bra today from the CrossFit|Reebok site. I'm excited to see how they measure up because Reebok apparel sure seems to be on the up and up to me. More updates to come.