SPF Pro/Am Powerlifting Meet: One Week Out

I hate tapering for meets.

1) When I'm forced to back off training, it makes me reflect on when I didn't have to back off and I can't help but think I could have put in more effort. This is the case regardless of how much I did or didn't train.

2) I have an illogical fear that a week of less than full on training will make me slow, weak, and fat.

3) It rubs in my face I'm not as far along as I'd like to be.

Then again, I never am.

But I am excited about competing in my second powerlifting meet, the first one I've properly prepared for. I feel like my bench and my deadlift are coming along nicely, getting that technique in line and all. The squat, however, is still rough. Since Coach Jesse went and changed how he wants me to squat, my numbers went down ~30lbs at first. I'm only just now starting to bring them back up, aaaaand it's already time for me to taper for the meet.

What CAN you do? I haven't stopped caring, but I have stopped fretting and I'll just lift what I lift and work my ass off for that elite level title.