Adidas Review

There is only one brand I've really been a brand-whore for: Adidas.

They make fantastic single and double weave judo gis:

They make great stuff for weightlifting:

And I have a track suit I bought for Halloween and still wear anyway:
Yes, I have a pink track suit. And a blond wig.
So when I joined the fitness instructor's Adidas discount program, I was elated. This was last winter and I immediately bought some Adidas pull overs and hooded jackets. And I have to say, I LOVE them! Their mediums fit me perfectly. It's like an athletic company actually cut shoulders and waists into their clothing to accomodate athletes. I mean, who does that? Adidas does. 

Favorite Adidas Jacket

This winter, though, I knew I'd be coaching outside a lot, so I bought some long compression tights, and some thick cold weather tech tights. They look awesome:

(Never mind, I can't find a picture of them and I'm too lazy to photograph them. They're purple and slime green.)

What I found disappointing is that with these tights, I'm constantly having to pull them up. They just don't want to sit stable on my hips. I'll pull the pant leg up so they don't quite reach my ankles, and they still slide down. I don't know if this is a case of waist to butt ratio, general rise of the pant, or what. But it makes me sad. 

I then got this sports tank:

Kinda like this, only with crossover in back. 

The fit is great, I love the colors, red and orange, and how bright it is. I have to say, though, I'm a bit spoiled by Lululemon and Lucy who put these thin cutlets in their support sport tanks. I tend to nip when I workout, so, ahhh, those are really nice to conceal such reactions. 

So overall for Adidas: they make solid sports specific gear, and I like their tops for women that TRAIN. Their bottoms, however, are pretty meh.