Phenomenon: PR, Fall Apart...

How often do you hit a much coveted PR and it feels light and easy. Then you add on another kilo or a few pounds, then it all comes crashing down around you like you've never learned how to lift in your life?

Have you ever gotten stuck at a weight, usually one that was this grand goal for you for some time. And no matter the volumn, intensity, or deload technique, you can't seem to get past it?

Sometimes this is the dark side to goal setting. And not that you shouldn't set goals, but when they go beyond being concrete steps in your journey, and start being these ultimate monoliths, you're setting yourself up to get stalled or mind-f*&(#ed about anything beyond. 

Sometimes, a person can just chill out about the number and get right through it. For many people, it takes a little more trickery. Maybe you need your coach to load the bar for you, and make a point of not adding up what is on the bar. Maybe taking a break from even trying to break your PR on that particular lift for a week or so would help. It can make a person itchy to lift weights before they just burn out.

The main thing here is not to freak out. Take a break, either from that move, or even from training for a while. Make the PR in the first place can be taxing, and if you keep beating yourself up about it, you WILL burn out.

What are some other way to get over a mind block?