Physical Therapy Post Shoulder Scoping

My first session was pretty anti-climatic. The therapist was mostly getting an idea of what I had done in surgery, and what my goals for therapy would be plus sending me off with some rehab work to do while I was in Texas.

During my initial assessment, the PT noticed that I was a little more forward in the shoulders at rest than ideal, but more obvious, my shoulder blades "wing" out. That's usually indicative of being tight, but further movement analysis, he determined my problem is hyper mobility. I have A LOT of movement in my shoulders. Have I shown you how much my elbow bend backwards?

So my rehab apparently won't be focusing on creating mobility, but creating stability. And apparently, that's a lot harder.

And with a new ortho surgery, there aren't exactly a lot of weights I can do right now.

For my trip to Texas, my PT had me take a pulley system to work passive range of motion:

Not me. Too lazy to set up the camera. 
I do something like this working range of motion over head in front, to the side, and behind. I also use a pipe or stick of some sort to work rotation while laying down.

This time, I'm doing more activating work and stabilizing work:

So hard core. 
Apparently, the fact that I can do the above movement on my surgerized shoulder came as a surprise to him today, two weeks after surgery.

As for real training, nothing that puts weight or stress on the shoulder yet. No sprints, no hand weights, no barbells. Weight vests are okay, weight belts are okay. Running stairs/ stadium seats should be fine. I'll figure something out with that. Le sigh. 

He didn't really tell me what to expect or timeline it out for me. This is gonna be emotionally rough.