Down Time = Athletic Introspection

Post surgery, being forced to do these "silly" but necessary range-of-motion stretches and back/scapula control work, I have some time to think about what I really want to be as an athlete.

1) I love being strong, but I hate being a specialist.
2) I miss the self expression of the performing arts.
3) I definitely have a vanity aspect to my training wants.
4) I miss having the conditioning to do most things well.

So, once all my rehab is done and I'm back to full on psycho-Newman-style training potential, I'm definitely going to keep competing in Olympic lifting. Thing is, I'll never be able to NOT be competitive in something. The rush is too great. The camaraderie is too great.

I just won't be a specialist at it.

Jumping in to CrossFit classes at UB have been so much fun. I don't think I'll ever fall for CrossFit whole hog again, like I did as a martial artist, but following the CrossFit Football protocol, short and heavy, makes me really happy.

And I miss performance. Sure, at 31, nearly 32, there aren't going to be any opportunities for such things, but at least taking a dance class once a week, and a static trapeze class once or twice a week, will hopefully fill that need. And many schools offer recital-style performance opportunities for their students of any age and level. Hell yeah, I'd do that.

Goals during recovery:

1) Just be able to lift my right arm independently through a full range of motion, and eventually, regain proper control of my scapula to heal the current and prevent future impingements and resulting tendon shearing injuries.

2) Once I can move my arm but before I can do weight training, start taking dance classes again. Regain a level of flexibility that I haven't seen since judo.

3) When I can start body weight work, start back to sprints, calisthenics, and plyometrics and HIIT training.

4) Long Term - Compete in the 2013 American Open, which will be held in Dallas, TX. Maybe my family can finally watch me compete in person, rather than through YouTube.