It's been nearly a month

It's been nearly a month since my last post.  A few things have kept my writing at bay:

1) It's a New Year! That means lots of people are taking the private basics sessions at United Barbell and San Francisco CrossFit to join on with CrossFit classes. For two weeks in the middle of January, I was getting up at 5am or 5:30am every morning to head to one gym or another. 2-3 times a week isn't bad, but since I work until 8:30 or 9pm, that wore me down hard. This week I've blocked off my mornings to get some much needed sleep.

2) Not being able to train has put quite a damper on my wanting to talk, think, and write about training. That's starting to change though, as last week I've added kettlebell swings, Turkish get-ups, heavier shoulder and floor pressing to my "rehab" routine. Yesterday I learned I can still do a pull up, but I can't hang on the bar at full flexion.

More posts should come around.


It's coming along smashingly. There are still some overhead places, namely movements that require some degree of internal rotation, that still bug it. What might that be? Taking off a tight sports tank or sports bra. Other than that recurring instance, it only hurts when I free hang from a pull up bar or when I do something mindless without my shoulder pulled back into a good position.

I'm so very very glad that I have two physical therapists in my corner. My insurance one is cautious and by the book, but to twice a week focus on just the musculature around my scapulas is really helping. Then my boss, KStar, who gives me movements to supplement where I take what I'm learning and gaining and start to apply it to more complex or fast movements.

It's easy to get frustrated though.

I, obviously, spend a lot of time in a gym watching people workout. What kills me emotionally is watching people train and lift with khyposis and internally rotated shoulders. Months on end. Years on end. And I'm the one that had surgery.

I get that competitively trained myself to hoist heavier and heavier weights. And I get that I apparently have hyper mobile joints, and that puts a person at a greater risk for injury. But still. It's really frustrating.