Rehab and Training Update

I'm on a hiatus with my professional rehab right now. My insurance only clears a person for 12 physical therapy sessions in a calendar year, and I've had 13. I need to call (hopefully today) and get my next dozen cleared like they said they would.

But really, my shoulder is feel better and better. Exponentially. Even the right one, which was so much worse off, seems to be making amends.

So far I've just stuck to fasted HIIT training, traditional 30 seconds to all out failure followed by 3 mins of easy going, on the watt bikes or airdyne bike. That I do on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I'm most consistent with squatting since it doesn't irritate my shoulders and cause me to back off. I'm moving up through a linear progression and this week was Monday with 5x5 back squat at 235 lb, Wednesday with 8x3 front squat at 195 lb, and Friday with 8x3 back squat at 245 lb. Next Monday I try 5x5 back squat at 245 lb.

On hiatus from insurance, but I keep doing my own stuff, I's, T's, and Y's, with 2.5 and 5 lb plates. Shoulder pressing 25 lb dumbbells for sets of 10, bottoms-up kettle bell presses at 8 kg for sets of 5. Thursday I did sets of 3 presses, 3 push presses, and 3 push jerks, (nine moves in one set) and got up to a whopping 62.5 lb without feeling any pain.

Olympic lifting:
I've limited my cleans to demo weights, about 95 lbs and less, since last week front squatting still annoyed by shoulders. Since this week was pain free, I'll start adding them in again. I muscle and power snatched a 15 lb bar on Friday, and not only did it not hurt, I was able to pull through the scarecrow position, something I've never been able to do. That left me with more hopefulness than I can describe for when I finally do start training.

Greasing up my pull-ups again. I have rings set up at home, and every time I pass them I have to do at lease one pull up, which can accumulate to 10-15 pull ups in a day. After a few days, I'll make myself do at least 2 each time. Still not comfortable doing push ups, I should add in more DB benching to strengthen that direction.

Shoulders still get sore, inflamed and tight, after doing certain things, so it's all about 2 or 3 steps forward and one step back. Overall, this process is moving right along.