Training and Rehab Weekly: Vol 4.12.13

I'm in a more relaxed headspace about my shoulder can-do and can't-do activities. I'm just going to get really fucking strong legs. This week's update:


First, thanks to Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance, I am painfully, excruciatingly aware of my weightlifterness and poor hydration. If I sit down and stay off my feet for anymore than 30 mins, my calves and plantar fascia tighten up like nervy ropes. Plus, they did this little exercise to demonstrate hydration:

Press your thumb hard into the flat part of your shin. Hold it there for a long 5 count. Remove. The indentation should fill in quickly. Mine didn't. I looked up for a couple of minutes to listen to him talk, look down and OH MY GOD IT'S STILL THERE! So now, every time I make a cup of coffee, I chug down at least 14-16 oz of water.

Back squat day! I did my 5x5 at 250 lbs along with the class at United Barbell. They were supposed to hit a 3 rep max, so I just jumped in and did my own rep scheme. I like to think when coaches jump in on class it pushes people just a little further.

After that the WOD (workout of the day) for UB was 10 rounds with a partner (5 rounds a piece) of:
 - 5 strict toes to bar
 - 4 heavy deadlifts
 - 3 box jumps, high!

I did slow v-ups instead of toes to bar, since I'm not supposed to hang from my arms yet. Then I did snatch grip deadlifts to focus on my back and lats and keep myself from throwing 300 lbs on the bar. 30 inches on the box jumps. I need to work on that, I feel like all the squatting has made me a little slow.


My feet and heels are still in a terrible place.

Started off with another episode of "Fun With My Physical Therapist." This time wasn't as much aneurism inducing for him, I'm sure. I just said that I'm pretty sure my shoulder bothers me more when I can't go overhead because it's so bored with everything else.

Later, I did some clean drills:
 - clean deadlift to the knee
 - clean deadlift to the high hang
 - clean

I do this as a series to limit how much weight I'm tempted to try. I got up to 163 lbs and stayed there for several sets. I feel great on the deadlift portions, but as soon as I start to put speed on the bar for the clean, my timing is all off and I shoot to my toes early. I think my last two sets were good, staying back on my heels, so I called it a day and prepared to teach class.


My feet are almost completely back to normal. My hydration level, as demonstrated by the thumb/shin test, has improved significantly.

Front squats are the worst. They just are. They hurt. They suck. They're the worst. So I did 8x3 at 210 lbs this time. I survived. But I was pissed about it. I followed that up in the 20 mins before classes started at UB with reverse hypers, weighted GHD sit ups, GHRs, and star fuckers.

After all that work and emotional turmoil, something didn't quite feel right. Class was starting to I took my bag, laid down behind the desk, and passed out for about 45 mins. It was good.


Low key day. Before I worked with my afternoon client, I worked on some snatch deadlifts to the high hang position followed by snatch high pulls. My thumbs felt like they took a pretty severe beating. After working with my client and teaching two classes, all at SFCF, I do some rehab and then perform a few power cleans and cleans for Diane to video.

Diane teaches a different first and second pull than I was taught by Max. I guess you could say that her style is more "Chinese" and Max's style is more "Bulgarian." Anyway, she wanted some video of my lifting, poor timing and all right now, to compare and contrast. Just for shits, I did a 77 kg power clean so I could change the number on the whiteboard.


Started bright and early with a trip to the physical therapist. I kinda feel like I'm running out of things to exasperate him with. Later that day was 8 sets of 3 in the back squat at 255 lb, setting me up for my 5x5 on Monday at the same weight. Unless I'm too sore from the CrossFit Football seminar this weekend.

Instead of accessory work, my legs are feeling heavy, I did 8 sets of 3 power cleans followed by a 40 yard sprint with about 2 mins rest between. The last sprint felt so slow, that was the right amount.

Still find myself fighting to lose the post surgery weight that I put on. I know I need to put in more high intensity stuff, and I know I'm moving along, but so very very slowly.