Training and Rehab Weekly

Time for more musings on the comeback process!


Still keeping with my linear progression, I did my 5x5 at 245 lb with all my normal accessory work. Rehab on the shoulder, plus attempting some dumbbell bench pressing. Doing anything where my elbow drops behind the plane of my body (bench, push ups, dips) still irritates my shoulders, so I'll have to ask my PT about that. Hit up a CF Football workout with deadlifts and power cleans, stopping at 70 kg.


Post surgery appointment with the surgeon. He says that maybe I'm pushing it too fast, and even pulled out the ultrasound to show me the fluid around my biceps tendon. Okay, I'll take it easier… maybe. So that day, to take it easy on the shoulder, is another CF Football workout of back squats at 215 lb and box jumps at 28". No shoulders there!


Another back at the physical therapist. I swear I exasperate that man more than most people annoy. When he asks how it feels, and I say sore after I push it, well, how do I push it? Presses, push press, push jerk, pull ups, rope climbs, handstands… what don't I do? All that has to stop, he says. Only mid range, below shoulder height from now on, for the next month. Bench press? Floor press? Ring rows? Dumbbell rows? Power cleans? But you SAID below shoulder!

So I got the same story from my PT as I got from my surgeon. Boo. After that I hit my front squat at 205 lb for 8x3, a eat some chicken wings, and pout the rest of the day.


So KStar isn't around to pick his brain, so I pick the brain of friend and PT student, Sean. I get the same story, some more deets (students all have the details still fresh in the brain), and I pout some more. But what if I tell you I'm part wolverine? No go.

So I keep squatting. And some power cleans. Maybe some dead lifts. My upper body stuff will be relegated to incline rows, ring rows, abbreviated floor pressing, rehab and body building. I'll have to rejigger my programming over the weekend.


By Friday, with 24 hours to mope and pout, I'm in a better head space than earlier about the shoulder. Do my 8x3 back squat at 250 lb, plus some floor pressing and other rehab type work. NOTHING ABOVE MY HEAD BECAUSE SCIENCE.

This weekend I'll be taking the CrossFit Endurance seminar by Brian MacKenzie. Luckily some other strength coaches are taking this course too, and maybe we can, as a group, modify the drills so that we learn them all, but don't blow out our legs for squatting on Monday.