Healing and Training Update

Now I'm only seeing my physical therapist about once a month for a little while longer until I'm cleared to do it all. I'm back to static trapeze, bench pressing, shoulder pressing, but am still to take it SUPER LIGHT on anything like snatching and jerking. And he's talking nothing more than an empty bar for a while.

I had to beg him for some of that. I argued that by not going through full range of motion I'm just going to get tight in those neglected spaces. I CAN FEEL IT HAPPENING AS WE TALK. He rolled his eyes and basically said FINE! Keep it light.

The back squat linear progression I started in February doesn't seem to be slowing down. Last week I did 290 lbs for a 5x5, and then 8x3 at 295 lbs on Friday. We'll see how today's 5x5 goes, every Monday I've got tingly nerves until it's over with.

My clean technique has been shaky, and since I've only really been doing them on Tuesdays, they didn't budge much until a few weeks ago when something clicked. I did a heavy single at 213 lbs and the following week I did 200 lbs for a triple. I have no idea yet how I'll get that over my head.

Trapeze strength and coordination is coming back quickly, I'll use free time at San Francisco CrossFit to work on kips, pike throughs, pull overs, and the like. Also, just generally beat up my hands so they can take the abuse in class longer.

I started deadlifting again, also doing a linear progression for a while. Since I do them right after my back squats, I'm just doing 3x3, last week at 330 lbs. Slow but steady, if I can keep this pace I'll be in an awesome place for the November powerlifting meet.

I have only done bench a few times in the past month since I only recently got cleared for that. Did 95 for 3 sets of 8, and 115 for a set of 3 plus a drop set the following week. Not pushing it. Still feel weak in the bottom where the bar touches my chest.

In the coming weeks I'll have to take a hard look at my programming to figure out the best way to integrate everything I want to do without over doing it. In addition to weightlifting and powerlifting, I also signed up to compete in the Power Athlete Team Series with three other United Barbell coaches. So I have to get some sort of metcon conditioning in, I do NOT want to be the cement shoes of the team.

Happy training, y'all!