What I Think "Fitspo" Should Look Like

I don't train so that I can look good for the public. I don't train so that I can emulate the women in "fitness" magazines, that frankly look emaciated to me. I don't train because I'm worried about that "nasty" cellulite. 

I train because I'm a human with a body that can do incredible things. I want to maximize those incredible things. And the sensation of seeing just what this body can do, really pushing it, is amazing. 

Notice how she's just a body? Common theme in "fitspo". 
The thing with fitspo images I see, they focus on aesthetics. The bodies they use are still impossible goals for probably 90-95% of women. The women who are photographed are usually genetically predisposed to their structure, and many times, you're looking at fitness models who do extreme things to prep for a photo shoot. 

Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean they don't work hard. I used to follow Monica Brandt back in college, a fitness competitor and fitness model. She works her ass off for her physique. But when it came time to prep for contest or photos, there was a big cycle of deprivation and dehydration that takes place to get that lean, cut look. 

That is not sustainable no matter how mutantly awesome you are. 

Also, look at the bar bending.
I want to see more images with women DOING amazing things. Sure, there are yoga pics out there, with crazy handstand poses, but that will only appeal to people who really like yoga. We need to stop paying lip service to the "strong is the new skinny" mantra, and start walking that talk. 

Images are from FuBarbell, California Strength, and Kinetic Arts. If you want to see more pictures (and videos!) of women doing amazing, athletic things with their bodies, find them and like them on Facebook.