Training Log, Stardate 20130708: Testing

This time with videos!


This was a rest day. I don't think I did much of anything? Hmmm… nope. Mostly recovered from the aerial class on Sunday and the trapeze class on Saturday.


Squat test day! Yay! I got up to 335 lbs for a single:

…and then I missed 340 lbs in spectacular fashion:

Following that I did the following Highlight WOD Wong put up for the Power Athlete Teams:

9 Hang power cleans (185135)
10 Slam balls (4020)
6 Hang power cleans
15 Slam balls
3 Hang power cleans
20 Slam balls
=> 4:54

Not as bad as I thought, though I haven't seen anyone else's scores yet to compare. 


Did some clean and jerks since they felt so good last week. My jerks actually felt better than the cleans! I worked up to 93 kg, the jerk felt like nothing, but the clean was a little shaky. I guess my legs were tired from the test and WOD I did! So I stopped there, as I don't want to chance doing any jerks from a subpar position just yet. 

I then followed up with over head squats. My shoulders are so tight and weak in that position, behind that head, I had to start at 15 lbs and work my way slowly up to 20 kg. 


Front squat max triple test! I didn't get much higher than I had in my normal squat sessions. I wasn't expecting to, which was probably a bad mental state to come from. So I made it up to 255 lbs for a triple (116 kg) and then did 260 lbs for a double but failed on the third. I put 116 on the record board, because the saying is, if you can front squat it for a triple, you can clean it. Since that seems to run fairly true with me in the past, I don't care to train or test anything other than the triple. 


I joined in on the UB coaches bro session. Trent, Alex, and Wong were all benching, since I already benched that week I did push presses from my make-shift blocks. Worked up to 3x3 at 65 kg. I think doing all the push presses is what's making my back and shoulders stable for these jerks to feel so great. 

After that we all did the Power Athlete Highlight WOD (see Tuesday). I joined in, but since I had already done it at RX, I decided to up the weight and do the cleans at 165 lbs and the slam balls at 30 lbs. Two of the cleans in the first round and two in the second round forced me down all the way into a squat. Ugh to standing all the way back up. This time I finished in 6:02 with the guys cheering me through my last set of 20 slam balls. 

As if that wasn't enough, Wong has sprung for a prowler from Rogue. We take it to an alley and do relay style 25 yd sprints with it, with three plates on. The prowler itself is 100 lbs, so that's a total of 235 lbs we were shoving up and down the street. First time in ages I felt nauseous from a workout. No way was I going to ask to do less weight than the dudes, though. 

They were going to break and do another team relay style prowler push, but I bowed out. I need to progress my way there, not jump in the deep end, if I want to make sure I keep my strength gains I've worked so hard for. 


Back to back trapeze classes! Staying for the second class was great because I got more time to work on the new skills from the first class and a chance to learn new tricks from the other students. But after two hours straight of trapeze work, my hands were pretty raw and I had half and hour left. I wasn't going to let any weakness show, so I kept hopping back up to practice things. 


Olivia's wedding. I didn't do shit physical. Damn straight.