Training Log, Stardate 20130715: New Program

Truth be told, by the time Monday came around, I still didn't feel recovered from Friday's hell session.


Back squats, five sets of three at 300 lbs, and if I feel it, do a set of 5 on the last set. I did not feel it. If/ when I feel ready to do a last set of 5, that means I can go up in weight next time it comes arounds. So I'll be at 300 lbs again.

After that was a shot at "Volkswagon 2.0":
- bench press (110 lbs)
- dips (red band)
- pull ups

My shoulders are still touchy at the point of terminal extention and my pull ups are still weak so it took me somewhat short of 23 minutes to finish. It wasn't a cardiovascularly taxing workout, but perfect for getting the careful volume I need into those areas.


Still feeling a little unrecovered, plus crazy sore biceps and triceps from Monday, I took my chance at a clean complex: power clean, hang clean, jerk. I worked my way up to 85 kg, and while I didn't miss anything, nothing felt quite right either. I really had to concentrate and work at 85, my first set was all over the place. It's like nothing was firing quite right, my movements were not smooth and coordinated. When my ankle nearly rolled during the 85 kg jerk, that made me decide to stay there for a few more sets and get it right. My third and last set was the best.

After I did a quick conditioning piece:
5 rounds
- 15 double KBS, 16 kg
- gym length dbl KB rack walk

I need more yoked-ness.


Body wasn't having it. I took the day off from training.

Note: I've had years of training in some capacity to know when I'm dealing with lack of sleep vs. general lazy malaise vs. actual need for more bodily recovery. I try to make sure that only in the last situation do I actually cancel my workout. Even in the case of less than optimal sleep for one night, I'll do SOMETHING. Even in the case of general malaise, I'll so SOMETHING, often with the effect that I gain momentum and finish what I started after all.


I used this as a make-up day for Wednesday. It's slated as only some bench pressing, no conditioning or accessory. A lighter day to let the rest of my body chill out. As such, having already had a rest day it's wasn't at all a stretch to do both my front squats and bench pressing, plus some accessory work thrown in.

Front squatted for a two rep max (270 lbs), followed by an 80% drop set (215 lbs) for as many as possible (9). Then bench press at 120 lbs for 5x3. Cardio Abs with The Fu consisted of 15 slam balls and 20 walking double kettle bell front rack lunges. Whoa, booty!


Bro Sesh Day! Since I already did the Highlight WOD, I just did my deadlifts. Two rep max (365 lbs, conventional) followed by an 80% drop set (290 lbs) for as many as possible (9). My belt left a wonderful bruise on my left hip, and pinch on my left lower rib.

Prowler time! 5 rounds, 50 yard sprint. First two with 50 kg on the rig, last three with 25 kg. I was shaking after it was all said and done, but not nauseous. I'm adapting! After teaching class I joined in with the guys doing 4x30 sec all out sprints on the airdyne. I kept looking over my shoulder before getting on the bike in hopes that Matt would show up to take me home and save me from that misery. Alas, he showed up right as I stepped (hobbled) off the bike after my last sprint.


Bachelorette party, fools! Hell no I didn't workout! But I did stick to diet, against all odds.