Training Log, Stardate 20130722

Another great week of training. I'm getting stronger and closer to where I was before surgery, and hell, I think I have a chance of getting to where I was before burnout took hold.


Overhead complex day! Push press, push press, jerk. Worked up to 74kg of the blocks at SFCF, where I made one push press, missed the second, and made the jerk. Jerk was easy, my next complex should probably have multiple jerks, since that tends to be my weak point.

Then was my CFFB WOD, which I misread in a couple of ways:

8 rounds, 30 sec rest between rounds:
5 DB Thrusters (I read push press for some reason, did that), 35#
10 Russian twists, 25# (Each side was supposed to be one rep, but I did two twists as one rep)
15 KBS, 1.5 pood

Oops on multiple accounts. PP takes less time than thrusters, but I doubled up on the Russian twists, so I dunno.


Volume front squat day. 245 lbs for 4 sets of 3, then one set of 5. The fifth rep of the last set was excruciating, it was sliding off my shoulders and power purely by will and some loud noises. Next volume set gets to be at 250 lbs. Joy of joys.

DFu and I did our cardio abs, walking front rack lunges while the other does sit up wall slams, and then I finished up with 200 bandy good mornings. Pretty chill day for me.


Playing with power snatches. Seems that my shoulder is fine with supporting weight over my back, but the slight behind the head position that a full squat requires still PISSES OFF my left shoulder. I don't know if it's tightness or weakness, smashing and stretching don't do much, and it seems to be getting slowly slowly slowly better.

So power snatches it was. I got up to 63 kg for a double and stopped there. I've C&J'ed 93kg, so 93+63= American Open. No reason to push it too far too fast.

After a brief rest I did clean, two front squats, and jerk. Was successful at 85 kg, which is 5 kg more than my clean, one FS, jerk combo a couple weeks ago, but missed the jerk on 90 kg twice, once behind, once in front. Poop, no time for a third attempt.


Max effort back squat day. Got up to 320 lbs for a set of 2, then dropped to 255 lbs and got 11 in. I stepped under the bar thinking I should get 10, and am glad I could squeeze out one more than I planned. Then I did a push press/ pull up circuit. Three PP, then max pull ups. I forget the weight I used for the PP, and only got 4-5 pull ups each round. But hey, that's better than the max of 2 I had two weeks ago.

Cardio abs consisted of a 4 min front rack test: you hold two kettle bells in the front rack for 4 mins, squatting every 15 seconds. I had to put mine down three times I think. Then we did 30 second weighted planks, three rounds. No other conditioning, the week is catching up to me and I need energy for Prowler Friday.


Bro Sesh Time. I was benching for a 5 rep max while the guys did their 80% 5x5. I worked with The Wong, got up to 137 lbs for 5, I made three reps at 140 and Wong assisted me through the sticking point on the last two reps. Drop set to 110 lbs and got 9 reps. Feeling pretty good about that. Shoulder din't give me pain, but it is definitely weak.

We all did the CFFB WOD together, I did push ups instead of the thrusters since I feel I need more work there. This time, with normal Russian twists and push ups, and a 1.75 pood bell, I finished at 11:06. Push ups are hard for me but not cardiovascularly taxing, hence the faster time. Swings are kinda my thing, given my back side.

Prowler time. Today was a grinder, more weight, shorter distance, and vary the hand positions. Four rounds of about 20 yds out, 20 yard back with a different grip, then gym length sled pull. Good stuff. Followed that up with some bicep curls, dumbbell pull overs, lat pull downs, and shrugs.


Beginner and intermediate trapeze classes back to back. Despite some worn out lats, I high tail it over to SFCF to proctor open gym and lift with the Fu Barbell kids. I lift with teammate Andrea, just following what weights she takes. Being that my shoulders and back are already tired, I didn't want to push it too hard. In the future, I'll probably do my heavy singles after teaching powerlifting. I won't have anyone to lift with, but at least it will give my body a chance to rest and feed.


I didn't do shit. Damn straight.