Training Update: Deload and Picking it Back Up

Last week I had my mom visiting, and my body was feeling wrecked. Good timing, a chance to not be in the gym and spend it with my mom eating quite off diet. Getting tubby.

Monday I had time between teaching the SFCF Powerlifting class and taking the CPR/ First Aid class to do my single set of back squats at 300 lbs. Tough, obviously, but not terrible.

Tuesday was lollygag with the mom, some work.

Wednesday was work and more lollygag with the mom.

Thursday I had to take the mom back to the airport. To keep from being too depressed about that, I went to the gym earlier than needed, got my single set of front squats at 245 lbs, and played around with pull overs and rope climbing.

Friday I was back to my normal training. Thank goodness I had a weekend coming right after.

I started mid afternoon with back squats at 8 sets of 3 reps at 300 lbs. After teaching class I did the "highlight WOD" to start training for the Power Athlete Team Series set up by the CrossFit Football peeps. It was sad. Real sad….

8 rounds for time of:
6 front rack walking lunges (135185)
6 plyo push ups
12 Russian twists (2040)
==> 12:09 (it should take less than 10 mins)

Lunges, not so bad. Twists, not so bad. But push ups… I did normal ones because of my shoulders, and boy have they gotten REALLY FUCKING WEAK. Even in the first round I couldn't do all 6 in a row. But the silver lining is that it didn't feel bad. It didn't hurt. It didn't pull. No pinching. That a good sign to me.

After that I did a shorter one, three rounds of kettle bell walks and slam balls just for more yoked-ness.

I felt all of that on Saturday. Didn't stop me from going to trapeze, though!

Monday I'm back to my routine, trying for a 5x5 back squat at 300 lbs. I anticipate my legs will still be a little sore. Because of how my week is looking, I think I'll be doing my front squats on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, and hopefully get some clean and jerk action in after that, and the rest of the week will fall out from there.