Training Update: Going overhead again and a new program!

Monday didn't turn out to be the celebratory day that I had hoped.

I was slated to attempt a 5x5 at 300 lbs. There were a few things working against me, but overall I felt great. First was traffic due to the BART strike, which meant I got to SFCF with 45 mins to get my squats in before class. I was still a little sore from the met-con I did on Friday, plus generally weary from the NEVER ENDING Pride parade on Sunday.

I probably should have waited. Did it on Tuesday, but whatever.

I got through three sets of five at 300 lbs before my powerlifting class starts. I was still breathing heavy and taking off my belt as I started to explain what they had in store.

I then thought it would be a GREAT idea to try to do the last two sets after class. I got through four reps of the fourth set and had to bail on rep 5. It's like my legs just disappeared. I uttered an "oh, shit" and launched the thing off my back.

My dear 300 lbs, it's like we've always known each other. 

It's time to start thinking about my new program, I guess.

Tuesday I did some front squat triples again at 245 lbs. My legs don't give a shit about that weight, but my back is being a damned shrinking flower. I'm actually not comfortable even trying to front squat more weight. I know that my legs could handle it, but what's the point if I can't keep my rack? To me, the front squat is a tool, not a end in and of itself.

I did some clean and jerks afterwards, just to see how my shoulders felt. They were tight, seeing as how that is the maybe third or fourth time to go overhead with a barbell since the second surgery. But I got up to 65 kg without feeling any pain, technical difficulties, or instability. I did tweak my neck, and I'm sure that's from doing quick movements I haven't done in ages.

Wednesday was a clusterfuck day. Back to back sessions starting at 6am, ending at 8:30pm, with a few hours break midafternoon. I opted to use that break to nap, read, and relax. Got back to the gym at 4:00 to do the Power Athlete Highlight WOD that Wong sent out. Didn't time myself, but got some sweet thigh bruises from the farmer's walks. Then took 20 mins to warm up and shoulder smash myself to snatch the empty Eleiko bar. Woot!

Thursday was a holiday. I didn't do crap other than eat and lollygag.

Friday Back to the grind. Started with testing my clean and jerk again, clean-front squat-jerk. Worked up to 80 kg, then backed off for three sets at 65 kg. Triples in the push press up to 60kg for two sets. After I taught class I did a quick 12 min AMRAP of 15 KBS, 10 PVC sit ups, and 5 push-ups. Full range of motion this time. Felt weak, but not sketchy. My push ups felt sketchy before surgery, so yay to that!

Saturday starts off with my trapeze class. I'm getting stronger and stronger there. I'm able to do more for longer. Perhaps next week we'll stay on for the intermediate class as well.

Later that day I so wonderfully locked myself out of my apartment on my way to work. No keys means no car. Cab it to SFCF, where friend who has a spare is also working. Teach powerlifting and to waste time until she is done, I take a walk to Lululemon in Cow Hollow. That was a longer walk than I expected. I checked a map later, three mile round trip. Ooof. That's a lot of milage on weightlifter legs.

Sunday Start with training a client in the AM, brunch with the beaux, and aerial circus class in the evening. Aerial ropes is much harder than trapeze, the different dimensions you have to navigate, and holding your weight on a vertical rope takes far more strength than a horizontal bar.

Seeing as this is long enough, I'll write about my thoughts on my new programming in another post.