Training Log Stardate 081213: Last Heavy Week into Competition

Getting down to competition weight has been a rollercoaster for me in a way that it hasn't before. I'll be writing up an entire post on that topic, it's a sort of convoluted one.

Regardless of how my weight cutting efforts end up, this past week was my last full heavy week before my first meet back. Plan is to simply qualify for the American Open at this meet, no concerns about winning or placing or being flashy.

In fact, I've gotten tired of people asking me if I plan to win or try to win. Come on guys. SURGERY! It's been less than a year, it's just a local meet, I'm thrilled to be healthy enough to compete again and good enough to probably qualify for the national level. I'm still not 100% and I'm not going to push myself at though I'm 100%.


Jerk day, doubles out of the rack. I was able to get up to 208 lbs (94.5kg) for a double, but 213 lbs (97kg) wasn't having it. I got a single and missed the second. Put the bar back on the rack and missed the first one. So I dropped down to 193 lbs and worked my way back up in singles to 220 lbs (100kg). I was THRILLED to get that off the rack. Stopped there.

I tweaked my neck on one of the bad makes in the 200 lbs area, so I took it easy the rest of the day.


I didn't do anything. My neck was still bothering me and it was a 6am to 8pm sort of day. I had just enough stuff throughout the day that I couldn't even go home and rest, as I like to do when I have to wake up at 5am.


Lot's of work got done this time. I "made up" the missed front squats from Tuesday: four sets of 3 and one last set of 5 at 250 lbs. This series actually felt far, far easier than the same scheme at 245 lbs. Despite the weight loss, I'm still doing something right, whatever it is. :)

I then did a clean complex: power clean, clean high pull, clean. Worked my way up to 88 kg easily, then when I tried 91 kg, the "power clean" one pushed me all the way into the bottom. That's okay, after all, doing this after some heavy front squats, I can't complain.

I joined the United Barbell class that day since I was supposed to snatch in my programming and that was part of the WOD. First overhead squats. For the first time since surgery, I was able to do them without pain. NO pain. None! I worked up to 75 lbs, then it was time out and move on. Snatches. I warmed up with the 25 lbs technique bar. Whoa, so far so good. Catching it in the bottom and feeling great! 15 kg women's bar, same thing! 53 lbs, feels good. 35 kg, okay, here if I catch it a little off there is some ouchy. 38 kg, only if I catch it perfectly does it not hurt. And it's hard to catch it perfectly when I'm trying to fully control every part of the lift. Stop there.


My left shoulder is a little upset with me from the snatching. Nothing sketchy, just a little inflammed. I should have listened to that and done lower body stuff, but it was bench day by my programming to give the lower body a break. Lots of pre-bench mobility and warm up. Four sets of three and one final set of five in at 125 lbs. Cardio abs with DFu. Done!

Grinder Friday

Last heavy single day before the meet. I wanted Di to be able to watch some of my heavier attempts to get an idea of how I move, jumps I make, and how things change as I get heavier. After all, I usually lift on my own and if we want or need certain jumps, it's good for her to know where my strengths and weaknesses are. Got up to 99kg in the clean and jerk, 65kg in the power snatch. Plenty of buffer for qualifications.

Pulls should leave your hips as open as possible, not merely standing up straight. 

So now I've definitely push my shoulder too far. I had a client while the boys did their WOD, consisting of DB snatches and sprinting. I don't think I could have done the snatches anyway, my shoulder feeling the way it was.

I joined in for the partner prowler relay. It was three rounds of a 200m partner push, where each partner taps in and out as their legs start to give out. I worked with Wong, his legs last longer than mine, but mine seem to recover faster. So he's able to push for longer, I'll have to tap out sooner, but I'm able to tap back in again pretty quick which is good because when I tap out he's not quite recovered yet.

Then three rounds of 15 cal airdyne sprints. Ugh. Just ugh. I close my eyes through this one, try to find my happy place and let the boys count down as I get close to the end.

Something was really bugging my back by the end of the day. It wasn't there earlier, but it prevented me from squatting 225 lbs. Which sucks. Back squats are my thing. Oh well. I"ve done plenty of work that day.



I'm pretty sure some of the problems I have with trapeze skills is that I'm so bottom heavy. Most aerial performers have lots of upper body strength, and skinny legs. I'm the opposite.