Training Log Stardate 20130729: Gearing up for Competitions

I have a relatively full competition schedule coming up:

August 17: Tommy Kono VIII Olympic weightlifting competition, I hope to qualify for the American Open here.

September 7th: Power Athlete Team Series, United Barbell is sending two teams to compete in this CrossFit Football hosted event. Hence all my recent prowler work.

November 3rd: Women's Pro/Am Powerlifting Meet, I hope to attain my SPF Elite lifter classification here. If my training goes the way it has been, it shouldn't be too hard.

December 6-8: American Open Weightlifting Championships, I don't have any specific plans for this meet, as I can't predict how my shoulder will feel about full snatches by December. But it's in Texas, so perhaps some family will see me compete for the first time.

This will probably become even more full as I enter more weightlifting competitions in preparation for the American Open. I'm competition rusty and need all the experience I can get.

As such, with these dates looming ahead of me and my training progression going pretty well, it's easy for me to get caught up in making big lifts and watching post-surgery PRs tick up and up. And the problem is, I don't program myself to do that. I'm much smarter sitting on the couch with my weekly programming in front of me than I am when I'm standing over the barbell full of piss and bravado.


Back squat day. Did my four sets of three and this time made all five reps on my fifth set at 300 lbs. Next volume day I "get" to do 305. I followed it up with a 10 min AMRAP of KBS, rowing, and toes to bar. I don't push myself nearly as hard when I do conditioning on my own.


Here's mistake day number one. I was just supposed to test my power clean for the upcoming Power Athlete competition. Instead, I start with power clean and jerk, and continue going up with my normal clean and jerk. I make a PR in both, but this still starts me down the path of being beat up.

Finish with a CFFB workout of KBS, KB rack squats, and rack walks. I need as much back jackedness as I can get. Or I should say, I WANT as much back jackedness and I can get.


Front squat max effort day, I get up to 255 lbs for a triple, fail on the third at 260. Those are the same numbers from my triple test day a couple weeks ago. Hit my AMAP at 205, making 8 reps. Did some snatch grip push presses up to 60 kg for a set of five to finish off. Off day for conditioning.


Another day where I let me ego get the best of me. I was supposed to just do snatch high pull, power snatch, snatch high pull. But I know that I need a power snatch of at least 63 kg for qualifying, and the whole complex starting wearing me down around 60 kg. So I just start power snatching, no high pulls, and get up to 65 kg. I stop there, my shoulder started getting tight. Why do I do this to myself?

After teaching power lifting, I get in a quick bench press 1 rep max test. 155 lbs felt a little shaky on my shoulders so I stopped there. Get in some cardio abs with The Fu and be done with it.


Test my deadlift, this WAS part of my original plan. I was already feeling pretty beat down from the week, but eeked out a recent PR of 400 lbs. I haven't done 400 lbs since probably 2010. I'm doing something right I guess.

Did some conditioning work with the boys; ring hold, dips, handstand holds, handstand push ups. After slamming the shoulders, it's three rounds of prowler sprints with sandbag cleans. Always feels like hell and leaves me feeling good.


Matt and I were both feeling pretty beat up so we only did one trapeze class on Saturday. It was just the two of us with Helene, meaning we were on the trapeze a lot learning new things and practicing old tricks. Many new bruises behind my knees.

Sunday is mostly about me bribing Matt to smash out my quads and calves. They are gnarly mess of gnarly these days.