Trying Something New: Swim Class

I'm not that comfortable in water. In fact, I'm more comfortable with heights than I am in water. I sink. I'm slow. I always get water in my mouth, nose, and ears. I don't mind splashing around in a river where I can touch the ground, or I'll go rafting and kayaking. But I'm just not going to find SWIMMING to be a fun endeavor.

So when the owners of San Francisco CrossFit arranged a swimming lesson for the coaches, I knew I had to do it. Maybe it will decrease my weirdness a little.

I was definitely anxious going into it. I'm athletic, but my anxiety around water will certainly keep me from seeming that way.

We started out by just talking about body positioning while underwater versus on top of the water, what to do with the legs, and the feel we should have during movement. Here is something that no one ever told me before: when on the surface of the water, you swim "on your side." You are actually supposed to roll from side to side.

This is how I always looked, head down, shoulders squared, but with more flailing and bubbles. 
Why did no one ever teach me this? Because I don't "do" water. I guess that's why. When would I have ever learned? Their explanation was, when you're under water, you want to stay long and square with the ground to be aerodynamic. But when you're at the surface, you want to minimize your interaction with surface tension. You do that by being on your side for most of the time.

Up on her side, reaching arm out of the water. 
You know, if someone had taught me that ONE thing before my SCUBA certification swim test, I would have gotten through it in probably 23 the time it took me with my freestyle flailing.

Water is an asshole.