Taking Movement for Granted: Why Are You Training?

We've all ended up there. The tunnel. Somewhere after you hear "3.. 2.. 1.. go!" and when you yell time you slip into that place where your body just moves. Through all the dripping sweat and burning lungs, you get through the movements and come out a beautiful sweat angel on the other side.

The problem is, most people do just that. Simply get through the movements.

In a conversation with another coach during last year's CrossFit games, we waxed poetic about how so many of the athletes were doing chest to bar pull ups even when it wasn't asked of them. They had worked hard to make their default movement the hardest and best movement they could, so that if they ended up in The Tunnel, technical slips wouldn't cost them reps.

You're going to be hard pressed to argue with me that simply because you're not a CrossFit Games athlete, you can and should get through the workout with minimal concern for movement quality. What ARE you training for? Is getting through sloppy movement going to make you a better human being? Not likely. How you train is what you are.

We take movement for granted. Our bodies are meant to move and they can do amazing things if we ask them to.

So next time, instead of going into The Tunnel when the clock starts, ask yourself what you're training for. I promise you you'll still get a great workout in, arguably a better one, and your sweat angels will become even more beautiful over time.