Surviving the Open (for those of us who care, but don't care)

As much as I don't CrossFit myself, as much as I chortle when someone asks me for my Fran time, as much as I proudly say, "I've been a strength athlete for the past 6 years," I actually do look forward to the CrossFit Open.

The excitement is palpable. It's a time when members of each box rally each other on to "make it count" and push a little further. For many, it's their first taste of competition and being on a team. The fraternity and fellowship is so much fun to watch form and take off. Last year I was even a little disappointed that I couldn't do the workouts, still being in a sling and all.

This year I'll be doing the open.

Well… I'll be "doing the open."

Because I AM a strength athlete. I will be competing at USA Weightlifting Nationals this year. I will certainly be doing a powerlifting meet at the end of the year, and I hope to find a not-too-far-away strongman competition to participate in.

So doing the open for me is something else entirely. It's a chance to stand alongside the athletes I coach day to day and get in the trenches with them. It's my turn to participate in a community activity as something other than Coach.

How on earth will I survive? I have a sort of game plan. Namely, it means I'll be breaking each workout up into intervals. So for example:

Seven minutes of burpees will become 45 sec on and 15 sec off of burpees for 7 rounds.

A 12 minute AMRAP will becomes 3 min on, 1 minute off for three rounds.

And so on.

When I know what the time frame I'm looking at is, I'll be programming my phone for some sort of interval breakdown to set at the same time.

Luckily, these will be done on Friday, and I don't have to go heavy again until Sunday. Cheers to survival!