My Current Training: Staying Sane with Multiple Focuses

I was going to write an update on the weightlifting meet, but got bored editing video. So here is this blog entry instead:


Or is it focii? Or is that only in my now-defunct genetics training?

As mentioned, I train for weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, with aerial circus stuff thrown in for good measure. I've played with programming for myself mostly because I don't know any coaches that program for such multiple end goals.

Watch someone I know come out of the woodwork and say, "hey, jerk face, I do that!" Whatever, fool.

So far, since I began training again post shoulder surgery (almost a full year ago now!) I've been able to make progress in all fronts. I posted a two week rotation that I was doing last year, and have since changed it up again with the addition of strongman and the current focus on pure strength.

The challenge is to not over do it, I'm older and can only recover from so much in a week, and still hit the important pieces. As things start to taper and specific weaknesses show their limiting power, it will all have to change again:

Anywhere I have (A), (B), and © means that each week it's a little different, with either one or the other lettered options being done.
HS = heavy single
OH = Over head
Rest means I rest. Like, take as many naps as I can fit into the day between clients and classes. Seriously. Naps are good for growth hormone.