Hello again, old friend: Updates

Looks like I haven't posted since the end of May. That's two months now come and gone and a few things have happened in the meantime.

Deadlift Clinic at United Barbell

Who would have thought that I could talk so much about the deadlift? I scheduled what was to be a one hour deadlift clinic at United Barbell back in early June and ended up going at least 30 mins over. We discussed conventional, sumo, how I'd like to see them do touch n' go to preserve their backs in a WOD, and even some basic programming progressions with a short discussion of what effect different rep ranges have on strength and endurance.

Grandpa's Memorial Service

The following weekend I spent the weekend with extended family in Oklahoma City for a memorial service for my paternal grandpa Bob Newman. He had military honors for his service in WWII, and it was an intimate and wonderful ceremony.

Fourth of July

I taught the Holiday WOD's at both United Barbell and San Francisco CrossFit for the 4th of July. Got to do whatever I wanted, which means lots of partner work and sweating.

USAW Nationals

This was the biggest event in the stretch. My training had been great leading up to this competition: my snatch technique was finally clicking into place and I had reached a new post-surgery PR of 90kg. My jerk technique had disappeared for nearly a month and finally came back to me two week before the meet. I had started following the Cal Strength programming, since they program around the big meets that I would also be attending.

Despite all that, I only made my openers at the competition itself (83kg snatch, 105kg clean and jerk). The frustrating thing is that I wasn't even setting myself up for PRs in the snatch, not even close. I just let my nerves get the best of me. Also, my only-openers total would have been a medal in the 75 kg class, and while at 83 kg I'm quite a ways from that, it makes me second guess my intent of moving up in body weight.

On the bright side, I entered the meet with a 187 kg total and my openers gave me a one kilo bump to 188 kg. My only openers total also put me at 10th place in the super heavy weights, which I suppose isn't too bad.

California Strength Seminar

Two days, 16 hours, of Olympic lifting and learning technical details and teaching techniques from Dave Spitz and the Cal Strength Team. When we had a chance to go heavy in the snatch, I had 91kg over head twice, but just couldn't lock it into place. I also took this as an initial opportunity to start changing my clean pull technique to the "catapult" style with some eyes on me. I worked my way up to 100 kg in the clean and it made the weight feel lighter! Didn't get a chance to go further with it.

Coming up the weekend is my second strongman competition and my first sanctioned meet with a chance to qualify for nationals! I'm excited, nervous, and all around overly eager to get there and see how I do. Time moves so slowly!!