Moar Hylete Review: Capri Tights and Tank

After finding myself loving the Hylete backpack, I decided I wanted to try out some of their clothing. So much thought was put into the backpack, I figured that the same attention to detail would be taken with the clothes as well.

I've also heard great things about the men's board shorts and I know some gyms have used the Hylete shirt as the base for their gym shirt. That speaks volumes. However, I hadn't heard much of anything about the women's clothes.

My first visit to the site made me a little sad when I noticed the sizing on the large women's shorts:

Notice the difference between the waist and hip measurements on the large size. Most strength athlete ladies I know have a much higher waist to hip difference. My booty is nearly 10 inches bigger in diameter.

So I moved on.

The capris, though, seemed to fit right along with my squatter's sizing. So I ordered the capri tights with the red piping and a heather red tank:

Impressed on First Feel

I received the pieces about 4 days later. The first thing I noticed was how nice the material feels. The tank was super soft without feeling thin or fragile. The tights material was thick and soft, too. The only surprise was that the Power Mesh along the side of the leg also run along the back of the hip. So depending on where the strip sits, you're either getting plumbers crack, the top of my underwear, or just low back.

I figure I'd wear them the next day.

A day of Wearing and Training

First the tank, because this will be short. It's a tank top. It can be hard to get a shirt when I'm the size I am, sight unseen. It's a hair looser than I'd like it to be, but a medium would definitely be too small. That's okay, I'm trying to get my shoulders and back bigger anyway. I'll fill this thing out. (Some people buy clothes smaller as inspiration. Not this lady.)

The tights were what I was interested in trying. The material was thick, and sometimes that means that it wouldn't be stretchy or comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised here, though. The tights went on just as easily as though they ere made of thinner material, nor did they feel like the bunched behind my knee or at my hip crease.

Me getting through a snatch workout in the capris and tank. 79kg singles. 

The wide waist band at first bothered me, it's pretty stiff. But that shit doesn't move. Not once during the day did I feel the need to pull it up in the back, or push it down in the front when I sat down.

The mesh on the sides is particularly nice right now, as it's the start of "summer" here in San Francisco. And the extra breathability is a plus. The down side? You can totally see the waist band of my underwear in the back panel of the mesh. So it's going to be either (1) don't care (2) buy underwear that matches my capris or (3) get nude colored underwear. The tank I wore was long enough that I never once worried about giving a panty-peepshow.

The seam around the calf was less stretchy than I'd like, but I only noticed that when I went to try to lift the bottom seem up over my knee. I have nasty, nasty bruises on the inside of my knees from strongman training and I wanted to put stuff on them. Otherwise, it didn't seem to cut in and certainly stayed in place.

In conclusion, 

I really liked the capris! I'll buy another pair, for sure. Now, I'm such a sucker for colors, I'd love to see a line that used a contrast color on the mesh panel. I'll probably get a different style of tank just because the material is so nice, too.


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