Product Review: By Moxy Tights

You can't deny that these tights have some swagger at first sight:

I mean, LOOK at these! Not only that, but they are vouched for by Pat Mendes. Pat is an Olympic weightlifter who has been training in Brazil for Rio 2016. I'm a little biased, I tend to trust weightlifters over other athletes in clothing recommendations for the unique body proportions our training hands us.

Their page states the following:

I'd like to address some of the variables.

Stronger Fabric

I can't speak to the strength of the material, but I can speak to the thickness. And they're pretty see through. I first bought a men's medium (same size as a woman's large) and could see the side strap of my underwear easily. Never mind when I started to squat or bend over. So I exchanged them for a woman's extra large. Now I can still see the underwear strap, but I have to bend over a little to show it off. I guess that's better. Still don't plan on squatting in them.

3cm Wide Waist Band

Okay, I love this. The thicker band means it doesn't cut in. I hate when I sit down and the front of my tights cut into my stomach, so that solves this problem nicely.

Higher Cut in the Back than the Front

I wish that differential was greater. I found myself tugging up the back of the tights while I was sitting at a coffee shot between clients today, and pulling down my top because I was feeling a little drafty on my low back. What I like about Champion and Lululemon tights are that they are little higher in the waist and I don't to worry about looking like a plumber.

Awesome, but I won't be squatting in them. 

I got more compliments on these tights than I have on any pair from anywhere else. And it's not like they weren't comfortable! They totally were, but when I took time to stretch, I just made sure my derrière was facing away from any other people. So I won't be sending them back, but I think they'll be my "Monday Tights" since that's an off day for training.

I mean, look how sweet these tights look: