BONUS BLOG - The CrossFit Open Workout 15.1

Thursday night CrossFit HQ announced the first of five CrossFit Open workouts, and I’m sitting here watching some of United Barbell’s finest go at it:

9min AMRAP - 15 Toes to bar - 10 Deadlifts (75lbs/ 115lbs) - 5 Snatches (75lbs/ 115lbs) followed immediately by 6 mins to find a max Clean and Jerk.

Thursday night, while I was happily tooling along on my watt bike (for recovery, I swear) I had a few people come up to me and ask what I thought. I mostly shrugged and said something like “It looks fun, I like what they’re trying to test here.”

Movements in 15.1

The was usually followed by some question along the lines of “don’t you think it’s a recipe for injury? 9 minutes of all out cardio followed by a max effort lift?”

I thought about it and mostly said, “Well, you could argue that about any of the CrossFit Open workouts. Last year people smoked their backs on the deadlift/box jump workout, and there were several cases of rhabdo from the thruster/burpee workout. But you need something sufficiently hard to separate out who deserves to go on to the next level.”

The next day, a similar discussion ensued on the Starting Strongman Facebook group. And the majority of the commenters were of the opinion that, hey, this isn’t training programing. If it was, then yes, it would be dumb. But this is testing, this is competition.

What I specifically said in that thread was:

“I agree that competition programming is different than training programming. With the participation rise of CrossFit, they really need something sufficiently hard and/or complex to determine who should move on to the next level.

The hope is that each individual that registers for the Open has trained sufficiently and knows their limits and technique well enough to understand the risks. And my job as a coach today is to keep a close eye on those who have too much ego to hold back.”

And really, as strongmen, we do some things that MOST people would consider dumb. Even in our normal training. (Atlas stones and car deadlifts, anyone?)

Marshall getting after it under the judgey eyes of James and Colleen.

So be safe, recognize what you’re about to put your body through, and for the love of the gods, listen to your coach.