A Big Thank You!

This is a big THANK YOU to everyone that bought one of my fundraiser shirts! I’m super overwhelmed with the positive responses I have gotten about them and I’m pleased with the quality of print job that TeeSpring did with the shirts. I have a somewhat off kilter sense of humor, and I’m enthused to see that it has resonated with so many people.

Day one pics of people getting their shirts!

I know not everyone has gotten theirs yet, and I’m just tickled watching the pictures filter through to me on Instagram and Facebook. Please tag me when and if you take a picture to post! I don’t want to miss it!

A few of you have scolded me for not pushing this harder and therefore, you missed the window. First, I want to apologize for that. Fundraisers are a weird psychological thing for me: Hey! Give me money so I can do this thing I want to do! But that’s why I did the shirt sales rather than a straight KickStarter: Hey! Do you like my sense of humor? Buy a shirt and it has the added benefit of helping me do this cool thing I want to do!

So for those that missed out, there is good new and bad news and more goodish news:

Good News: You can still order one of the shirts from HERE.

Bad News: They need 10 orders/ reservations to bring the design back. Their minimum requirement is what helps keep the cost down so that it’s an effective fundraiser, after all.

Good-ish News: After The Arnold, I’m going to put them up on a Spreadshirt store in a few more cut and color options. Spreadshirt has a much smaller profit margin, so for me to have an effective fundraiser, I would have had to sell them for far more than I think is reasonable. I mean, come on, T-shirts shouldn’t be more than $25 in my humble opinion.

So again, thank you all so very much for your support! And if anyone asks you about that weird pelvis shirt you’re wearing, send them to the link to reserve one of their own.