Nutrition Update - Preparing for Competition

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update about what’s going on with my Adventures in Having a Nutrition Coach. And that’s mainly because I’m at a body weight that is just right for The Arnold and in a holding pattern. I’m basically doing a adherence/ self sabotage routine that keeps me at about 178lbs.

Heading into The Arnold in this new year, Joy has me now doing more of a two day low and one day high. Before the holidays I was three low, one high. So slow down any weight loss that might happen, because I don’t want to be too light for such a heavy show. Not with only a week and a half left, she has me on more of a maintenance diet, about 2400 calories a day. I assumed that going from low/high cycling to straight 2400 a day would have my weight bounce up, but after three days of it, I’m still sitting around 176 lbs.


What’s been interesting is that when I stick to the program, high days and low days in the right order, my body weight does want to keep ticking down. I’ve gotten as low at 175.5 lbs, and basically freaked out a bit and had a big dinner out with the boyfriend.

But it’s got me thinking about how much of this bodyweight I’m carrying around is really needed for the strength that I have? After all, on a day that I weighed in at 175.5, I also did a back squat set of five at 330 lbs. PR by a pretty decent margin.

Was my inability to stay at 75kgs a year and a half ago more about my being mired amongst keto, keto-cycling, and Paleo die-hards rather than knowing where to look for real performance specific information?

Was my downgrade in strength at the time more about my restriction of carbs and subsequent inability to recover properly? Not about being “too small for the strength I want”?

Too sexy for this bag. Too sexy, yeah!

Either way, I’m going to see where it takes me. Recovering like this, with what I’m learning about how my body responds to high intensity volume in strongman, I might have another go at Nationals with the new qualification procedures. And that would be pretty cool.

So here’s to being strong at whatever weight finds me!