The Arnold - Day Before it All Goes Down

It’s Thursday.

I arrived at the Red Roof Inn at 1:30am this morning, wearing every jacket and long sleeve shirt I packed. It was 4 degrees outside, after all. When someone tells me this, I want to ask “Celsius??” because Fahrenheit just seems cruel.

I call back home and immediately go to bed, even in California time it was past my bedtime.

I get up at around 9am. First things first: food and weigh in. Since the weigh ins are in the same hotel, a few rooms down, I grab coffee, yogurt and some hard boiled eggs. It’s nice being under the weight class border.

The line at weigh ins are always awful. For most people, you haven’t eaten in a while to make weight, or maybe you’ve been on a strict diet for a while. If you’ve ever had to make weight, you know how the closer you get to EAT TIME the hungrier and grumpier you get. Then you’re either standing or sitting in a line somewhere you can’t get comfortable. No place I’ve ever been has thought to line the hallway with some chairs for the athletes.

This one was rough because just as I got to the door, third in line, it’s announced that the scale is broken and they’re trying to fix it. I run into Evan, from Santa Cruz, and he says the scale only gave him a weight of “error”.

When things are back to rolling along, I step on the scale (it looks like the fix was putting a bathroom scale on the larger, broken scale) and it tells me I’m 173.4lbs. WTF? Well, I guess I’m that much closer to my 75kg goal?

Oh well, it’s all over. I’m weighed in and checked in and have the rest of the day to wander and lallygag. So I head over the the convention center, getting pretty good and lost on the way. There are several hotels attached to the center, and I kept ending up in the lobby of one.

When I finally find my way through it all, I head over the Hall C, where the strongman events will be held tomorrow. I head on in and, holy shit, Hall C is part of the Expo. The strongman events will be contested right next to, nay, IN the Expo.

You see, the Expo is HUGE. Think of any supplement of gear company. They’re gonna be there. Dan Green has basically set up a powerlifting gym IN A CAGE there. The set ups are elaborate. I’ve been to trade shows in the biotech world, and this showroom puts those to complete shame. Supplements, training gear, apparel, shaker bottles, recovery tools, but no Lululemon so it’s hard for me to care.


But not really.

Anyway, that means that there will be thousands of people strolling by the strongman area as they dart in and out of the booths. And we’ll be over there making noise and moving heavy things and generally making a spectacle of ourselves. The energy is going to be unreal!

After getting so amped up watching them measure out everything and get the equipment lined up, I bee lined over the Einstein Brothers Bagels and got two bagel egg sandwiches and stuffed my face.

So here I am in my room, waiting for 7pm to roll around and I go to the rules briefing. Maybe I’ll take another quick nap, but I don’t think my excitement will let me really zonk out.

Goodbye until after!