Days Away From Competition

I leave for Ohio tomorrow. It’s always easy to get a little neurotic as I head into competition, especially one on a stage as large as this one. Everyone asks if I’m excited, and I explain how I mostly get anxious when I have to travel, because I just know some THING will happen. And once I’m at the venue, and that THING still hasn’t happened, then I’ll let myself get excited.

Maybe they’ll try to take my competition bag and I’ll have to have a showdown in at the terminal.

Maybe the snow storm will suddenly veer west and block us from getting in.

Maybe my body will go renegade on me and gain 5 lbs while on an airplane.

Maybe I’ll get lost when trying to figure out where to go and miss weigh ins all together.

Of course, none of the above is likely to happen. It’s just some evil, reptilian part of my brain that likes to make my life harder than it really is. I have a fantastic life, brain! Stop trying to ruin it all for me!

I’m as prepared for this competition as I can possibly be. Having only trained strongman for a year at this point, and each meet qualifying for the next level, it’s really tough to get a hang on what my personal expectations of performance should be. Each need show, each new level, teaches me so much about where I’m excelling and where I really need to focus future efforts. And the higher the level, the more those good and bad parts stand out in start contrast.

And that’s fine with me. That’s part of the journey and part of the process of becoming the best version of myself.