MyProtein Product Review

There are few industries as unregulated and shady, yet legal, as the supplement industry. If you’ve ever seen the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster,” you’ve seen a demonstration on just how little oversight there is. And while the vast majority of supplements aren’t out and out dangerous (you can’t make much profit if your clients get sick or die), but there are always companies who claim one thing while their product contains something else, and occasionally you do get a supplement that can lead to death.

So when I was offered some popular samples from Myprotein in exchange for some Instagram time and a blog review, I answered with a reserved affirmative. Because let’s face it, what athlete at any level wouldn’t want to follow up on a potential supplement partner? But at the same time, I want to maintain my trustworthiness, if only to myself.

And I’m so very glad that after looking at the products, the company, and trying out these samples, I can whole heartedly endorse them.

So that was a really long lead in.

Myprotein: The Company

Myprotein is very popular in Europe. In fact, my friend, Courtney, said she couldn’t turn around without seeing their products at a recent CrossFit competition held in London. They started in the UK and have spread through Europe and are now looking to become the same house hold name in the US as they have attained there.

What are some household name companies? EAS, Optimum Nutrition, Progenex, BSN, GNC, MusclePharm, Muscle Milk. We’ll come back to some of these as we look at Myprotein product for comparison.

Impact Whey (Toffee)

My reaction: Wow, this stuff is really tasty! I’m not usually a fan of toffee as a candy (too sticky!) but the flavor is definitely there without the stick-to-your-teeth of the real thing. Takes a little while to fully blend, but when it does, it’s smooth. Not gritty or chalky at all. That’s more than a decent trade off!

Comparison Analysis: For this part I refer to

Now I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Optimum Nutrition products. So I was particularly interested in how Myprotein stacked up against the ON 100% Gold Standard Whey:

ON Gold Standard Whey is down at #13…

Wow, so Myprotein is in the top 10 for BOTH quality and value. Okay, so it blew my preferred brand out of the water. Let’s look at specifically what they had to say:

It looks like the main discrepancy is that they claim 19g/serving protein on their packaging, and they were tested at 17.7g/serving. A 1.3g/serving discrepancy shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re using as a supplement and not your main source of protein.

Let’s look at ON Gold Standard Whey:

Here we see that they claim 24g of protein per serving and are tested at 23.2g, a discrepancy of 0.8g/serving. So both have inflated labeling. Is this normal? Yes. Much like how many pieces of workout equipment (logs, axles, farmer handles) have a “as designed” weight and a “as fabricated” weight, many supplements have a “as formulated” and “as tested” protein concentration.

Some quality rankings of mentioned household names by ranking and grade:

*MusclePharm Casein - #17, A-

*Progenex - #24, A-

*EAS 100% Whey - #32, B+

*GNC Pro Performance 100%Whey - #34, B

*MusclePharm Combat Powder - #36, B

*BSN Syntha-6 Isolate - #46, B-

*CytoSport MuscleMilk - #47, B-

*BSN Syntha-6 TrueMass - #73, F

On average, they found protein labels were off by about 1.55g per serving. Both ON Gold Standard Whey and Myprotein Impact Whey were under this threshold, so I’ll venture that it’s just part of the manufacturing process every company contends with.

Kind of like saying “Well, my tested one rep is 300 lbs, but based on my five rep I did the other day, I’m sure it’s 320!”


They didn’t send me any creatine, but it’s one of the few supplements that I regularly use, so I figure I’d check it out and do the same comparison.

Looks like Myprotein creatine is #2 in quality and #1 in value. And where is my preferred brand, Optimum Nutrition?

Sad face :(

The details of Myprotein Creatine:

So I’m planning on buying some of this when I’m out of what I have. Which sadly, will be quite a wait.

I hate waiting.

Protein Cookie and Peanut Butter

A couple other things that Myprotein sent to me at their Protein Cookie in chocolate orange and their crunchy peanut butter.

Chocolate orange, you say? It tastes like those chocolate covered orange peels you can get and pinky-up type candy stores. Which I love. Which my boyfriend hates. So that’s something you’ll have to balance against your tastes. What I like is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I start working early enough that I don’t get up extra early to make breakfast. I’m using these right now to hold myself off for a few hours before I can do my normal breakfast burrito.

The peanut butter, well, peanut butter is delicious. And this is no different. I don’t usually eat peanut butter simply because I’m on a fat restricted (and carb heavy) diet right now and use my fat allocation for avocados.

But I was feeling down on my self and decided to slather a slice of challah bread with some of it:


The other thing to note in this picture, the ingredients listed. Only peanuts. Yes, that means you have to stir it up when you open it, but it’s THICK with peanut pieces and easy to stir.

No regrets!

In conclusion...

I’m really glad they sent me this stuff to try. I’ve been an Optimum Nutrition Fan Girl since undergrad (wow, that was..12 years ago). I’ve tried a lot of other brands and kept going back to ON. Looks like I have a new favorite! I firmly believe that the supplements that work and have a lot of research behind them and aren’t the super expensive ones. You don’t need stack on stacks of crazy concoctions.

A protein, creatine, some fish oil, and maybe, MAYBE, a multi-vitamin and you’re pretty much good to go.