Powerlifting Meet Recap In Their Own Words - Erin

I’m back from a much needed, no-training vacation.

Before I took off, I took nine people to their first powerlifting meet out at CrossFit CSA. Instead of writing about what it was like coaching, I decided to have a few of them write up their experiences:

Here was Erin’s experience:

“I’m going to turn your wife into a powerlifter.”

This is what Kristin told my husband, Chris, several years ago. While I was secretly totally ok with that, I also wasn’t sure that I’d ever want to compete. I’d never competed in any non-music-related endeavor in my life, and certainly not a sport. At the same time, I found myself covertly adding up the bars of other women around the gym, looking at PR numbers posted up on whiteboards, and trying to find ways to measure myself against others. When this second meet opportunity came around and Kristin said she already had 4 or 5 people going, it seemed like it might be time to try it out. Ok, that’s a lie. My husband actually just goaded me into it by saying, “You can’t call yourself a powerlifter unless you compete.” I signed up the next morning before I was awake enough to change my mind.

I’ll fast forward through the second guessing and the hard work that came in the weeks that followed… I had tons of questions, and honestly was just as scared about weigh-in day (down to my skivvies?!?) as the competition itself. I started by reading the SPF rules (twice, actually), and it gave me plenty of time to ask the right questions well in advance of the meet. That meant there were no surprises on the day; I was prepared. I knew the commands, I knew the lifts, I knew my starting weights. Now I just needed to lock in my nerves and remember to stand up.

BOOM! Personal record deadlift!

The entire day was exhausting, there’s no way around it. I was up earlier than usual, sat in a car for 40 minutes, choked down some protein oatmeal, and then sat around the gym for most of the day waiting for various lifts. Between bench and deadlift (and, to be fair, post-Chipotle) my energy level crashed and I really wasn’t sure if I’d rally for deadlift. Spoiler: I rallied. And then I got really amped after making my PR… and then didn’t come back down for another 4 hours. They really hook you with that last lift.

Here’s what I didn’t expect about the day: I didn’t expect to completely feel comfortable with the rhythm of things before the end of the meet. I didn’t expect to meet so many other women who are new to the sport, and I didn’t expect to like them all. I didn’t expect that I’d actually WANT to be social at the meet, or that I’d be able to eat anything due to nerves. I didn’t expect that going with a group of strangers would turn out to be the best thing I possibly could have done. And I definitely didn’t expect that I’d already be itching to do it all over again.