Insight into Why Sitting Is so Bad for Us

It’s Thursday right now. I’m standing at my desk and writing. I was sitting down to eat a minute ago.

I did 100 squats on Tuesday (6 sets of 15, one set of 10) at 230lbs. Trust me when I say I want to sit down. A lot. When I sit down, I don’t feel the excruciating soreness that my legs are dealing with. But I also know that when I stand up, they’ll feel even worse than before I sat down.

So I stand at my computer. At home. At work. In hotels.

I also work for Kelly Starrett and I’ve learned a lot about how we really screw up our hips, back, and shoulders by sitting and inevitably hunching over our computers.

But there is so much more that happens when we sit down for long stretches of time. And this TED cartoon outlines them very well.