First Few Weeks With Hemocode

So now I’m a few weeks into my HemoCode experience.

The big battle I’ve had: cutting down on coffee.

Case in point: It’s 11am and I’m already three mugs deep.

Here’s the thing.

I know a lot of people who say they LOVE coffee. They couldn’t imagine giving it up. Then I ask them how many cups they drink.

2 cups

Then they act faux embarrassed like it’s so much.

Here’s the thing.

I drink anywhere between 6 and 8 cups of coffee a day. I can drink a cup of coffee and immediately go down for a 20 minute nap. A ritual of my mom and I is to drink coffee as we have a gooey dessert at a nice restaurant when she comes to visit.

And so I drink a TON of coffee every day.

Every day.

So I could see the argument that perhaps I drink more coffee than I need to. Perhaps I am having an inflammatory response. So I’ll give it a shot, I’ll cut it down, but I’ll be damned if I cut it out.

So for the first week I was down to two cups a day. One at home as I got ready in the AM, and one while teaching my first session of the day. I set myself up to “win” by buying a shit ton of spiced black tea to keep at home and at both of my gyms. No reason to default to coffee when spiced black tea is just as easy to get my hands on.

This worked just fine for the week. I was even able to stick with it for Saturday. Then Sunday hit and it’s like my inner three-year-old had a fucking temper tantrum and I DRANK ALL THE GODDAMN COFFEE THAT I COULD GET MY HANDS ON.

And it was delicious. It was nectar of the gods. The sun shone brighter and my eyes could see the light of angels singing.

So I decided that I needed better options at home for me to default to. I bought a tea kettle.

You can see how well that’s going. This box has been sitting here for three days.

This week I seem to have leveled off at three cups a day, all before noon. And honestly, I don’t really feel any different. My sleep patterns are the same regardless of if I stop before noon, or have a cup at 5pm with my post workout snack. It really just doesn’t affect me.

But I’m down. By more than 50% of my previous coffee intake. I think I can live with that.