Would I Recommend Hemocode?

It’s been a little over a month that I’ve been watching my coffee consumption based on my HemoCode results.

Do I feel different? Well, on days that I have a “temper tantrum” I can feel the caffeine jitters, that’s for sure. It still takes me four coffees to get there, but I never used to get them at all. I also like that I’m drinking more tea, seeing as tea also has the helpful phenols and antioxidants that coffee supposedly has. And it’s a just a different taste, it’s good to change it up as the day goes on.

But do I feel better?

Thing is, I’m already pretty healthy. Scratch that. I’m VERY healthy. I very much watch what I eat, keep tabs on quantity and quality of my food and macronutrients. At this point, there is nothing really left for me to solve for, save getting stronger and I can see that happening every week.

How much healthier can I possibly get? It would take a miracle, or steroids, to get me any more on top of my game than I am right now.

So in this consideration over the past month, I’m being asked to make what is a MAJOR change in my life, one that would very much affect my day to day happiness, for the promise of “feeling better” which, considering I usually feel like a friggin’ super hero anyway, can’t actually happen. It’s an empty promise for me. It’s not really a sacrifice that’s worth the offered payoff.

On top of that, every time I’ve done some sort of elimination diet (Paleo, Primal, Allergy, keto) I feel worse and immediately feel better when I add back in the full spectrum of available foods. I was already pretty sure I wasn’t going to have any major sensitivities, and was curious if my own experimentation was correct or not.

So who would this be good for?

To be honest, if you’re healthy and just want to know more about your biology, I’d send you to 23andMe first, which is $99. That information can then be taken by GeneTrainer or DNAFit and details on the best diet or best training style for you will be spit out. These deals start at $76.

Of course, the science behind exactly how our DNA affects our ability to eat a certain way and train a certain way is still being researched. But clues can be given. It’s not written in stone.

Then if you still feel like something is off or something can be better, I’d suggest going to your primary care physician and getting an actual food allergy test (referred to as the IgG or IgE test). These actually look at your immune system’s reaction to food through the antibodies that you’re producing. Also, through your PCP, it should be at least partially covered by insurance.

Then. THEN. You still feel bad? Feel like something is off? Need a better reason to clean up your diet? Then I would recommend dumping $500 into the HemoCode system.