Project Mini-Me: Battle Plan

I’m starting to realize this might be harder than I think it will be.

The bulk of my exercise work will center around two things: the Dan John 10,000 swings challenge and rehab for my leg. I’ll be throwing in various upper body movements, but I’ve decided to really limit myself to body weight moves: dips, pull ups, rows, ring work, gymnastic work, trapeze play.

The bulk of the weight loss effort, though, will really come from manipulating my diet. The harsh reality is that I’m going to need far, far fewer calories to even break even now that my exercise intensity and volume are very mitigated. And because my leg gets sore, tired, and generally cranky much easier, my non-exercise activity will be much less. I’m more likely to take couch breaks during housework. When coaching at the end of the day, I’m more likely to spend part of the time perched a bench giving my knee a break.

Plus, as my size decreases, so will my caloric needs.

Back as a judo player in undergrad, I was tracking my calories at around 2400 a day to maintain. I made sure that I had ~150g of protein, and I didn’t care much about carbs or fat proportions then. Just protein and overall calories. BUT! I was super active. I was in the gym every day doing my typical body part split (Back/Bi, Chest/Tri, Legs), and hitting the dojo at night four times a week. At 22 years old, I probably could have eaten more and gotten away with it, but I thought I was hot shit eating TWICE the calories of the mythological recommendation of 1200 calories a day for women.

Now, particularly with my injury, I’m far less active. I’m testing out my maintenance calories and it seems to be around 2100 calories and day. So for me to cut, I’m going to have to dip down to around 1800/day.

I’m so used to eating so much, this is going to be very hard for me to wrap my head and emotions around.

My other concern is that I will have to lose some muscle mass to get down near the weight I have in mind. How is my body going to respond when my calories are low but I’m still using my muscles and trying to build my leg strength back?

Next week I will start my calorie cycling and see how it goes.

Wish me strength.